Suck it up!

……and she did, every time.

When, as a child, her so called friends outcast her and made her feel small…..she found her strength and expression through art.

When, as an adult, her beloved grandmother who was like a second mother, rose to glory…..bequeathing to her youngest granddaughter a diamond ring and the legacy of strength. She was a woman of honor and a respected matriarch.

When her marriage failed….she honored the vow to herself….I will not compromise my own integrity….before walking away.

When she flew across the country to be with her father just one more time before his passing leaving her with the passage ‘what matter’s most is how you see yourself’. He was a man who did great things and left her with a lifetime of memories to keep her heart full.

The countless holidays she worked to help other families spend time together because she needed to keep busy and forget that her own family had dwindled and the remaining ones didn’t live nearby to be present on those days.

When the doctor told her of her impending and complete dental surgery and there was no choice.

For all the difficult things, great or small, she learned to think one thought….just suck it up, be grateful, and one day….share your story an maybe it will help someone else.

The message… you have the strength inside of you for anything. Use the process wisely to find it, do good things, and care for one another. I hope the holidays bring you joy and compassion and understanding. Peace.


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