Stop the insanity

If you see or hear someone tearing down another person, and laugh….it is the same thing as supporting the act, itself.  If you see or hear someone abusing someone else….physically or verbally……Do something….there is no room for indifference.  Sometimes people will hide behind the excuse….’oh, I was just joking’…..there is a difference.  I work in an environment that can have moments of verbal hostility. When it happens towards me…..I could easily turn the tables and go back at them….I have enough information…..But, I don’t.  I have asked myself….why don’t I.  I think deep inside…..I have a code, and don’t break it.  I was telling one of the supporters today…..’You are basically telling that person that it is okay to mistreat others’.   No, my friends….it is not.


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