So many of us have done it.  Call it stalling….procrastination…..staying with what is familiar…..fear of taking a risk…..and…..hiding behind something in our life.
Our work, being too busy, our kids, even your spirituality…..many other creative excuses for not moving forward or in an even better direction than we reside in currently.
Our covers keep us from looking for a new job…..getting out more……and opening our hearts to love.
How many of these are preferences…or how much of these are preferences?
Maybe, the reason we don’t seek a new job lies in the need for more education for the field we are really interested in, and thus we need more time for that.
Perhaps, we really are super busy…..2 jobs, school, laundry, dishes…phew……hardly any time for friends, let alone dating.
Think about your life and the term stagnation…….are you hiding, is it circumstance, or are they preferences?

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