The chosen life.

I think of all of the lives I am a witness to and how they live and who and what they surround themselves with….family, friends, outings, gatherings…..and then I think about my own. I have a job that provides  me with a lot of social interaction……coworkers, travelers, local residents and business people.  My personal life and space is more of solitude than most. The lives I witness…….as stated above are who they have become.  Some where along the line, my life was chosen for me….and by me.  I have been asked all the curiosities…..Why don’t you have kids?  Why don’t you drink or party? …the list goes on.  It’s kind of like saying why am I….ME?  If people don’t live according to themselves and what feels natural than they are living for others.  I am grateful to be living by my choices.  I am glad they were pointed out to me and continue to do so…….not by any other person….just by life itself.  I am not a loner….I am selective.  I choose who I will allow to get close and with whom I spend time around.  The list may be smaller than others, but it is quality and it is true. Too many people call too many people ‘friend’….elevate the standards by which we hold others close….in spirit….in soul……in integrity.  The live others live is not always the type of life that is destined for us.  Our lives are personal.

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