I saw my past…………..

I recently saw my past in another’s present.  Several months ago my neighbor moved in to his apartment…on the heels of a divorce.  A couple of weeks ago, his truck ceased working and then the hours became no longer available at his job.  This is where I was several years ago….almost identical.  Part of me was almost relieved….I get to start over.  I was completely without funds, but I get to begin again….all of it.  There are kind people out there, and in little helpful ways, give you just the right motivation….just the right little push to make sure you keep moving forward…but most of it must fall on you.  You must keep the faith, keep believing that you will rise again.  All things possible!  We must hold onto gratitude for each piece coming back together…never take anything for granted and never get cocky.  Appreciate every hour worked, every meal,  every kind gesture…and strength……find it…..express your gratitude…favor from others ….and always be honest…..put it out there.


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