what’s forever for?

I believe that forever is for some things and for some people.  We all know nothing lasts forever and everything is temporary.  Think about as many of the facets of life…of your life, and think about how many of them actually can last forever, or have that capability…… at least forever meaning as long as you are alive.  One thing that I think of is our everyday lives…..from morning to night…..just in that context, excluding people, for now.  The clothes, the car, the job….stops for groceries, out to dinner, maybe T.V. before bed.  These things are all very temporary.  We could move, get a new job in a new city, changes cars…or not even need one.

The big forever…..people. Forever should be automatic once you become a parent, and it should go both ways.  We see quick marriages and divorces so frequently….where is forever???  There should almost be an addendum in the vows…..’until the loveliness runs out’…..because I do think that people had every intent in the beginning of making the relationship work.  Is creating an official union primarily for legalities?  I don’t know if I even believe I will need to wed again.  A great relationship..I hold onto hope and shout  Hell YES!!!  Are our truest relationships those we call ‘friends’?  Maybe we should, in an official/unofficial sort of way, marry our besties, the ones who have proven their worth…..it just seems like it is those that have the goods!! …..honesty, even when it’s painful or complicated…..availability…to be present for the fun and horrible life events…. truth…..at all times….to be delivered tactfully, and with love.   I do believe that forever is different things to different people, and we should pay attention to the options in life.

One thing we need to keep temporary are the disappointments and negativity that enter our lives.  Random encounters that are sub par just need to be forgotten.  Acquaintances or even some of our coworker’s that roll with a ‘different’ vibe not conducive to what we feel is acceptable.  We need our own system, or way to deal with them, especially if some of those encounters are going to be on a regular basis.  The bad things in life, definitely need to be temporary…very temporary.  I continuously work on the search for the good, the positive, all with consistency…to add to my circle of ‘forever’.  Sometimes it seems like a rarity in today’s society where time and quality of time for others is almost non existent, but, at least it happens…..and I am grateful when it does. ;0)


2 thoughts on “what’s forever for?

  1. Life is just a serious of losses, loss of years, loss of loved ones, loss of health, however it is still the most precious gift, the breath of life, we need to open our eyes and enjoy all the good things life has

    • Yes……to hold on to the sweet, good, simple things in life and hold them in an even greater value than what someone else may overlook, and not see how awesome something small has to offer….not to be taken for granted.

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