I’m just gonna be me……

I am using every ounce of restraint to not go completely ape-shit (old school term) about the use and abuse of animals for ceremonies….now a jaguar was killed after an Olympic ceremony that he/she shouldn’t have been used in. Pets in hot cars, Trophy hunters…circus acts ….inadequate fencing at zoo’s…..when will it end? They are called ‘wild’ animals for a reason. Show THEM respect.. I remain quiet, while dying a little every day watching post after post of torture, abuse and neglect. I won’t turn my head, so as to not see them…it is a sad reality….worldwide. It just gets me pissed off, to the point of motivation. It fuels me to stand up and get louder, with others or alone. Who are you and where do you stand on humanity….if you don’t stand up for what is in your heart.  I stand and write about being one’s true self and more……what is your true passion and what will you stand up for….no matter who stands with you???


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