“Never look a gift horse in the mouth.” -John Heywood, 1546. English proverb

Everyone has something to offer….something good…something tangible.  Everyone has some little piece of awesome inside.  They don’t have to be walking YOUR path, or have the same education.  They don’t have to be in the same tax bracket or have as much stuff as you.  I have found that if we just look a little longer or listen a little harder, that GEM will emerge…even when we doubted there was anything someone had to offer.  Surprise!  I am grateful for the times this happened to me. Now I look, and I listen….more.  Its also taught me to respect others in what they have to offer…..the most appropriate words at just the right time….an act of kindness or generosity….a confirmation that I mean something to them.  It take so little to reach out…..but it takes more to receive from another.  Giving….receiving….respect.


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