We can often find the truth residing deep within ourselves… the silence.   No distractions to make us sway from on side to another.  Honesty to ourselves is the most important thing.  We should be our own best friend.  In a healthy state of solitude we can find all the answers we need, but only if we are completely honest with ourselves…even when the questions we ask bear difficult answers.  That’s life.  You are who you have become….and inside you is a strength, unlike no one else’s.  Seek your truth’s and what you can tolerate and what you need to leave in the past….you will find it in words…in actions…..and in your heart.  Take the exploration inside and you just might find an even stronger sense of the amazing person you are and your own evolution can take the next step forward….or at least serve as a reminder that you were already on the right path…just maybe got caught looking in the wrong direction for a moment.  We all get caught up in things, and we can all get it right again.


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