taking notes

It may not be in the forefront of your mind while you are growing up, but during all of those early years, we are mentally ‘taking notes’ ….and those notes will determine who we become in the later years.  Which influences did you allow to create the path you would, one day, walk.  The ones who make us think that we must obey the laws of society,  or maybe the ones that told you be YOU and stand up for what you believe….even if you are all alone in that.  Conviction in your code…..even when others try to shut you down.  I believe in the oldest and purest forms of way of life and whatever ‘whom’ led  me to start down that path……it is, at least, a great place to start…..and , for me, a great place to stay.   A place of simplicity, humanity and the knowledge of intuition, creativity and love.


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