Thinkers are quiet….sometimes less social than others.  It doesn’t mean we are disinterested or don’t care.  Quite the opposite is true.  So much is running through are heads and they all need to be put into perspective and placed into an order of importance….from ordinary to BAM……’how do I write about this subject and think it can make a difference’.  When I hear that someone is troubled and I want to help…..I don’t see it as ‘Time to join the party’….but, quietly and privately connecting with the person to see if there is a solution I can assist with, or at least try to strengthen them so they can handle it.  Many think we are introverts, but sometimes we are just particular.  When we do reach out to someone personally, it is because you were chosen and we have found comfort in whatever they have added to our life. If you know people like this….we’re not disinterested….just different from you.  We have a focus, but are open to expanding.  We like feeling included….just like everyone else……at least this thinker.



2 thoughts on “perception

    • Thanks Jose’…..Mainly people are different…try to understand all demeanor. Some feel that if you don’t put yourself ‘out there’ that you don’t want inclusion. But, soon the right ones will….the ones with whom there is the right connection.

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