to my younger self

Make the most of your childhood because you will become an adult soon enough and there will be many responsibilities. Remember the swing sets, the beach days, running around the yard with the neighborhood kids and fields of daisies.

You will experience heartbreaks of all types…people who come into your life for various reasons and some will leave your life….they will move on geographically or it could be that some were only meant to stay for a determined amount of time.  There will be those who leave your life and you will need to learn the process of saying goodbye…but in the goodbyes, will grow the type of farewell that allows them to continue to live in your heart.

Place everything…all of these experiences into your memory banks.  They can be reflections for those times when you need a smile, a laugh….even a good cry. They are your happiness, your sadness….and they will lead you to strength and learning to endure anything that is handed to you.  Life itself will be your teacher.  Always look for good in everything, and always believe in love.


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