the wise man is back

The wise man said to tell the stories of my life and they will help others.

It may  or may not be too late to tell you, but not your children.  Please please take care of your teeth and when you are refused at a doctor’s office because of no insurance or the inability to pay, fight for yourself.  Don’t let it get to the point where I am at now. Treat yourself with importance…as a human being and being treated as an equal…no matter what.

I learned a lot once I finally found a doctor who didn’t turn me away.  The first day I went in, she said ‘surgery in 3 weeks’. Not one word about how I was undeserving of basic care and services. They worked with me then, and we are still working together.

Last year I had major dental surgery, with minor backup about a week later.  Yesterday I had minor surgery in one area due to the previous infection eating up too much of the bone… infection recurred.  It can return again and I may have to have a bone placed on that area to stop the infections.  The dentists are doing what they can based on what they were handed.  I take ownership on my part…..I should have fought harder through the years, instead of leaving with my tail between my legs.  This, my friends, won’t happen again.

The acceptance from my current dentist and her staff….I am alive again and we will work through this together.

The importance of caring friends….when I went in for the first surgery, several of my friends loaned me 100.00 each to pay upon arriving at the office…a pre-arranged agreement with the office.  When it came tome to pay them back, many of them said  “No no. you don’t owe me anything”. There were those who brought me soft food, make-up to cover the bruising…or just hung out for a while during the recuperation.

I am grateful!


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