tell yourself…

I spent some time around a friend today…a good guy, and he was gripped by the decision to continue to pursue a relationship with the person he is dating or move on.  He was finding himself incapable of making the choice even though there were many inconsistencies in trust, honesty, and compatibility. He thought he could see the real person when they were acquaintances,  but was soon finding out that wasn’t the real person…or at least not often enough.  He wrestles with the idea that the person he thought she was will show up, so he holds on.

Tell  yourself ‘I will not settle’ for something that just doesn’t work….for so many reasons.  People usually are who you see….believe them when they show you. There is someone out there that will be grateful that they get to spend time around you…..for an hour….a week…. months….years. There is someone for you that you will not have to wonder about….or worry about truth, communication and fidelity. There is someone out there that will make the effort to show how they feel about you and you won’t have to question it.


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