Our procrastinating can lead to a lesser quality of life.  We procrastinate about a lot of things….put off decisions great and small.  The more significant ones can play a role in major areas of our lives.  Aesthetics of our existence, knowledge, happiness…..we could be putting off necessary life changes….from correcting a physical problem to any other transformation.  Fear.  Maybe making the change will give us the chance to live a better quality of life.   We put off little thing every day…laundry, our cars’ oil change, doing our taxes.  The greater things. like for me…having my dental needs taken care of.  I had it done a year ago.  I had become very ashamed, as the situation was worsening.  I had gotten to the point of not looking at people in the eye….I now knew the look on another’s face the second they spotted my mess.  I had to face my fear.  I am not referring  to just any medical procedure, but it was a health issue and we need our teeth to function, as well.  For me, it now gives me more ideas of moving forward in aspects of living my life and facing everything……


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