When we feel we are suffering a setback, is it because we were rushing? Or was there a wrong turn?  Shtuff happens?  …..could be all of those.  Today I was feeling like I was going backwards with all I have been trying to accomplish.  I think I try to move faster because I have past 50 (…….hard to believe?), and it seems like I have to peddle faster than if I were still in my 30’ fix it….fix that I haven’t made it to where I’d like to be.  There are the financial setbacks…marital, professional….or that maybe we get too cautious……got to watch for wrong turns…right?  So, I came home and worked on my breathing and…you got it….PAINT.  I used it as fuel….motivation.  I reminded myself of all of the accomplishments in the past year or two…..grateful.  I have made some good choices…..but, still working on the cautious thing.  Maybe they aren’t setback’s…maybe they are lessons….maybe they are reminders….maybe they are winks. ;o)


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