Thank You….for your response to me and what I write.  There were a lot of ‘back in the day’s’ when no one really wanted to listen to anything I had to say. I didn’t say much then,
and still don’t. I think about what to write and often let it speak for me.  There were many points of time in my life when what happened was….I was very ‘shut down’.  I have always been blunt…honest….and I still am. Maybe because I knew my time would be limited.  It could be that I have more of a panash for delivery now, at least sometimes.  I am still the same person….maybe a little less of a ‘loose cannon’…..but, not that much.  I have always cared, been passionate and stood by my thoughts and words. I think it is because of self evolution. What I do know….those who tried to shut me down in the past, are no longer around me.  It’s always good to let people be themselves and be expressive.  We all have the choice of whose company to keep.

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