….’like’ family

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could pick our family?
Sometimes, what people don’t want to talk about is that there could be actual family members that we just don’t connect with and probably never will.  In fact,
there is hostility a little too often and seems like the foundation of the relationship.
Then, people come into our lives….throughout….and it really feels like they are, or should be, family…and with a connection that is binding.
All secure relationships will, and should, have moments of debate…and they should….but, they pass…as they should.  These moments aren’t defining, the truly great ones that brought you together will keep you together.
As someone who has only a small number of family remaining, and none of them live close by….this is important to me.
Some of the like-family connections are mutual….you know it…they know it…it is unspoken.
There are some, though, that almost feel like you want it to be official…..please be my brother….the brother I never had.
I suppose the answer lies in your own heart and as long as you feel something strong and know that you do receive something pretty powerful back….that
should be enough…..right?

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