When I think about utmost respect….as usual, I think about what it means in different circumstances AND the big picture.  I respect everyone as a human being and that we all deserve equal rights to everything.  Then, breaking it own I categories….by age, environment or surroundings like workplace,  common values, etc…
When I was much younger, I vowed I would never say what I heard so many times….’respect your elders’.  Now I find that I DO feel that way, but not in completion.  I think that if someone has done outstanding things and acted humanely towards others and made themselves invaluable….in short, a good person….that would be easy to respect for those reasons.  If work around someone who has and utilizes their knowledge and assists others selflessly…..hey are admired and respected.  I guess it matters what someone has done with their time, not just how long they have lived.  I can also have high respect for someone of a younger generation….but, I find myself, whether right or wrong, saying that it depends on how they live and how they give, just like any other age.
I may find myself respecting others in particular areas, only.  I think respect can also be found in acceptance, and not being judgmental.
In the end…..it is really an area that we should perceive ‘as a whole’ or should it be broken down?

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