I’m sorry

Sorry seems to be the hardest word.
Two little, yet powerful, words that can make a big difference in any relationship.  I get awfully tired of hearing people say that apologies are a sign of weakness.  Apologies are a sign of strength.  It takes a strong person to recognize that they did, or may have, hurt someone, inadvertently, and that, now, they need to take ownership and not make excuses, but be a bigger person and say it. Instead of doing that dance I’ve spoken about…..admit to another person that they mean more to you than allowing hurt to continue, thus potentially ending something that is really amazing at the core.  Great or small……an unresolved issue is always best when cleared properly.  The sooner, the better….not everything tastes best after marinading.

6 thoughts on “I’m sorry

  1. I’ve always been confused by the idea that acknowledging a mess up or a failure is a sign of weakness, as well, for all of the reasons you mentioned. It is incredibly difficult to apologize and to ask for forgiveness. It is incredibly humbling, and being willing to be humbled is a sign of great personal strength.

  2. Ego is too smart and comes in just before you’re about to make that decision. Art to win over it can be learned, but it takes one life. Thanks for the visit and follow.

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