The ugly truth

Do you realize how many lies are told in one day?  Probably no one does…even what are seemingly about insignificant things.
The Ugly Truth is that most  people find it easier to lie than to tell the truth.  Not all the time or in every encounter, but often enough.
Some people tell little white lies to save themselves from discord with others, or because it will expose  something else that they were a part of.
Some people feel that if they don’t answer a question….a direct question…’s not a lie….even when it is just a question one could consider ‘normal conversation’
Or maybe if some facts are left out……not a lie?
In the workplace….families….politics….relationships…..even friendships you begin to question…..the saddest thing that can happen is when we start getting that intuitive feeling that lies have taken over something that we once treasured and thought that thing called HONOR went both ways.
Sometimes, we do feel that it would be better if we avoid the truth to spare hurt to another.  I might agree if it’s something whose only use would be causing pain.
We can use diplomacy when necessary to buffer our words, yet still get the truth out.
Workplace situations usually include gossiping, name calling and other things that revolve around ignorance.
I told a friend today that I admired her for keeping her heart open after relationships failed, where there was deception.
I spent some time serving on boards and on management teams…..Never again!
I just wanted to do good things…..but what I found was that one requirement was having to know how to dance… around the truth.
Some things do need to be held in confidence, of course, but what I found was more times than not….the snowballing effect that led to just more of the same.
Lying shouldn’t be a comfortable convenience……something easy to grab when you can’t either deal with the truth or don’t think someone else can handle it.
I would rather hear the truth, than face deception.
Lying is hiding……bold face or by omission…..Lying is lying.

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