Did you make that call?

Too many people who go into a doctors office for a simple medical procedure, never make it out.  I write this because I can’t express enough the importance of letting the people in your life know how important they are.  I also needed to just put it out there…like many things I write about, I have been there.  Unknown and undetected health issues, sadly get found out when it’s too late. One example…Joan Rivers.

I had major dental surgery with anesthesia a year ago and the one thing I was mostly afraid of was being put out.  I got a ride to the office and then was told that there needed to be someone there for the whole time…’in case something happened’.  A friend arrived and  they proceeded with surgery.  The doctor admitted that he didn’t like my blood pressure numbers, but slowly started the process and I was ‘out’ quickly and it seemed like a minute later the surgery was  over and I was conscious again.  I healed and life moved forward.

The moral of the story…..no one knows when.  There were some really awesome people that were caring and supportive….and then there were a few that……daammmmnnnn, I really thought I was valued just little bit more…..enough for a call.  I didn’t need  my hand held…I am pretty self sufficient.  Just a call.

I write to make others think about what’s truly important in life.  Did you make that call?  Did you call before to give a pep talk? Did you call after to check on them? Did you, somehow, indicate that they matter to you?  Make the Call…..do it….DO IT NOW!!!


2 thoughts on “Did you make that call?

    • Yes, It is a crucial one. awesome insight, sakura beauty! and there were others too. But, forgiveness is important too. I only hope to make a little difference talking about the subjects I choose. Thank You… :o)

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