Sometimes it seems like all we have is ourselves to make sure of everything……..everything.
Sometimes stresses from work or other pieces of life clouds the mind and makes us forget that we need to, occasionally, treat ourselves so that not every moment
feels like we are not worthy of anything but stress.  You….me….only ourselves can make sure there is some kind of balance. I am not talking about selfishness.  Perhaps a drive along the coast with a stop for lunch, or a new lamp for your desk.  Maybe you are someone who gives a lot to others….time…energy….even money.  You need to refuel…..for you and for others.
I, and most of us, knows that feeling of being run down or even run over.  I don’t have time to feel that way, and I’ll bet you don’t either.
The maintenance of oneself is crucial and we can’t allow anyone else try to convince us that we should ‘back burner’ ourselves all the time.
Upon occasion……when you need to……make IT about YOU!  You are just as valuable as anyone else.

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