Has texting become our primary form of communication?  I know this will come as a shock….but, I am from a time where there weren’t even cell phones.  My phone was
attached to the kitchen wall……and you had to stay near the phone to have a conversation with the caller because of the 6 ft. cord.  The other option was to speak to someone in person……..awesome concept…..personal contact.
I work in Food & Beverage so I have a lot of personal contact with clientele, which I like.  I don’t do much texting in comparison to most other people, nor do I talk on the phone a lot. Keep in mind, Painting and writing time is a life of more solitude in comparison to others, also.  However, when I do text, typically it is out of needed convenience, as the recipient may be busy at that time and they can get back to you later. Perfect.
How many times do we misunderstand….misperceive a text.  Do you get in disagreements with friends or family because of it?  You can’t hear anyone’s tone…..and others may assume, which we shouldn’t do, based on Don Miguel Ruiz’s ‘The Four Agreements’.  It is easy to misconstrue a text….we all do it.
I have also heard of drunk texting….nasty texting…..sexting……all I can say is if people have to hide behind their phone, I don’t know how they even live in a real life.
My point….Leave no question about tone……more personal contact or phone conversations a little more often.

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