Bad choices that end up making ourselves or others question our integrity…our character.   The very foundation
of our SELF should be laced with honor… others and to ourselves.
We don’t know all there is to know about others or to what standards they hold themselves.
I was tested recently….actually, if you think about it, we get tested all the time.  Our reactions to the actions of others….
Do we have a right to get judgmental, or to walk away from a friend who chose the wrong path and is paying for it.
If they are already paying for it and no wrong was done to us….we should continue to walk beside them, right?
I think in a lot of situations, the answer is yes.  I am not referring to anything in severity, like loss of life….I am talking about someone making the wrong choice and it mainly affected them……or caused great humiliation…in the end.
An easy response could be to walk away…..distance yourself.  What would that say
about you and loyalty, understanding, forgiveness, compassion, and love?

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