Behind the Screen

What do people really show us or tell us.  They tell us what they want to reveal, but is not everything.  Fact is, Everyone is enduring something, at least sometimes.
The person you think you see on your screen….on social media….may not be the whole story.
When the strong….find themselves in a weakened state…..drained, exhausted.  Maybe those who give so much to others end up in their own version of the people they help.
It is not terminal, it is temporary.  Human….and the admission that that is what we are first.
The many industries that barely pay enough to sustain a person with basic necessities. The next paycheck can’t come fast enough . Making sure that your credit cards are paid….then…..then you can re-use that same money to purchase groceries or maybe pay other bills.  When the cupboards are bare……hmmmm, ramen?  Granted, there are a lot of inexpensive solutions to hunger……when was the last time you cashed it your change collection….they have machines for that now.  The age old question…maybe if I walk to Taco Bell for a taco, I won’t feel so bad, in fact, I will feel like everyone else who goes and grabs a bite somewhere. If you work in a restaurant, maybe eating enough in your 5 hr shift to cover a whole day?? When things get tight in my wallet….I make sure I have a couple of decadent items around….chocolate…mmmmmm, and maybe a good cheese…to sprinkle on everything.
People suffering from anxiety…..wondering how much of each day will be happy or productive.  How much can they even work…..maybe some can’t cope with going somewhere 3 or 5 days a week to be around others and perform tasks….when they feel almost too frozen to do so.
Illnesses…..and taking care of an ill or aged family member.  Caregivers, in my book, are like angels.  They give and give.  I know a few and none of them ever complain about the hand they have been dealt. I know they are under stress, but the heart guides them through.  I know of some people who are coping with illnesses, or did for a while.  Some people put it out there, and some keep it private. There is no rule. There is no wrong answer.  People need to base life on first things first….being alive.
Shut Ins…..or otherwise, people who spend most of there time at home.  For some people, the computer and social mediaIS their social life.  They may have kids or work from home or live some place where it is not easy to get around.  They may be elderly or live in a situation where they just can’t get out much….and sometimes it is by choice.  If that is the case, it’s good that they have a way to connect with people.
The private……. or the guarded.  For some, social media if for one specific reason……their cause, their business, or their creative passion, but we never really get to see that much about the actual person,,,,sometimes even their profile picture also is not of them, but instead of a thing….a pet, a flower, or famous actor or priceless work of art. They are, basicly, using social media to promote. We all have our gig……..and then there is the opposite……
Here I am……some people share a lot.  The posts, daily check-ins….a lot about their goings on.  Is this because they are just really social….or lonely… need of attention, even though they are regularly surrounded by many and much?  We are all different from one another, yet possibly similar in ways that we never thought of.
Abuse, bullying,….of all kinds.  Whether it is in the home or elsewhere, mental, physical, or verbal abuse changes people.  The person doing it, obviously has some personal problems, but when you are being attacked….even the strong can be affected.  It’s easy for someone else to give advice, when thy are not in your shoes.  Sometimes we need to choose correctly….who we share with….who really would be the appropriate person that might provide a healthy solution….use your village…THINK!!  If it’s physical abuse, there’s really only one solution….get the he** out as soon as possible!!   You can rebuild….and it will be an even better life…..I promise.
There could be heartache…marriage, divorce, a lawsuit……
What I am getting at…..You never know what is going on behind the screen….what each human being calls life….what celebration, blessing, tragedy or fears may exist. I know of a lot of people that fall into these categories….and much more. I can relate to some of these situations ….but, there is still nothing like making time for real contact….in person….whenever possible.
and there is Empathy,,,,before we even know it’s needed……also referred to as human kindness.

2 thoughts on “Behind the Screen

  1. People need to start being themselves online so that belief in people online can be found once again. This is the reason why people don’t want to meet people they feel online, because of the sense of insecurity that follows.

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