I am a believer.

I believe that we were meant to meet every one we encounter and that some were put there for only a minute or two and some…for much much longer.  We have to decide which ones are to be nurtured for their goodness and place in our lives and will enrich it.

I believe in the details.  The big picture exists because of those details.

I believe that when the past comes to call, it is because we still need to finish something, whether it be physical,  mental, or emotional,  to completely move forward with our lives.

I believe that answers to questions, great and small,  may lie in unlikely places with unlikely sources……never doubt what could be a messenger.

I believe that we were all meant to experience and endure as much as possible in our lives to have truly lived fully before the time of transition.

I believe in Divine answers and God’s wink…..and I believe in truth.


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