living it.

It’s that time of year……if you have family, you are very fortunate.  I think it is holiday time that we think of them just a little bit more.  Some families are very close, and always have been, and some have been through great challenges. There are justifications for some of those challenges…..and simply cannot be repaired no matter how hard we try. Some families have had great losses….but, have angels that earned their wings…and gently watch over us as we continue to live our lives. For those of us with small families that maybe we don’t live near…we survive through our village…..and our memories…..and long distance.  It keeps us warm. I strongly believe that our truest of friends…the ones we hold close…the ones on our shortlist…..are the family WE CHOOSE.  The bond with them is a blessing in the absence of the ones we called family by blood.  The time and love CAN compare to that which we experienced many years ago….just differently. It is the time of year that I let the people in my village know what they mean to me…family or not. It’s what I find necessary.  It’s my way….part of how I express myself and what I am made of.  I do it with great sincerity and expect my gesture will be received differently with each individual…as they have different levels of comfort in all areas of life and communication.

From my house to yours….family can be found everywhere. I am living it…………xo


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