I had the most awesome and powerful acupuncture treatment yesterday….today is a new day and this is what I have for you……
As  I meandered through life…..I found that There was never excess, but enough.  Every time I started to spend money on more than I really needed….it felt uncomfortable.
At one of the times, I realized that what is meant for me is a humble life….enough to live on, with some back up in case of……..but that I was meant for the place where I am at now…..a simpler, creative life, with more than enough room to love those I choose to….the ones that, intuition has told me are full to the rim with love, even if they express it in there own way and what they do…… and those that are trusted, and worthy, based on what I SEE.  I also see it as my duty to spread this concept and  support those who are also seeking their own evolution.  I have wandered and met people from all over the world.  A handful of those have shown me through words and through actions the true spirit of seeking knowledge and happiness for others…..through healing, mentoring, and otherwise teaching others to allow themselves to be themselves, no matter what others think.
Those people, that when they allow this of themself, they shine……really shine…..anointed!

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