‘Way Back’ terminology.

way back terminology.
Remember when there were no cell phones and to call your kids home for dinner (that’s right…..home for dinner), our parents would whistle or ring a bell or just scream really really loud?
Remember when it was popcorn and a movie night and you got the biggest bowl, affectionately known as….The Jethro Bowl?
Remember when our very first job was ‘under the table’ with a parents friend who owned a local business….now it’s called ‘living off the grid’ to live like that.
Tetanus shots were all the rage, as we all ran around the neighborhood with bare feet.
Piling into our aunts or neighbors parents station wagon (with the wooden panel) to go get ice cream…….yep,  all the way back….we call it the ‘Way back’.
Pranking friends and siblings was pretty creative but relatively harmless.   like the time……………..
Drinking from the garden hose, building clubhouses, tobogganing down the lane……
On the radio…..Three Dog Night, The Carpenters, Jim Croce and a awesome mix of purple hazers.
Remember when the community was safe and everyone looked out for each other……there were no worries………
Old and fond memories seem to come to mind this time of year.
I love Fall.

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