I wish.

12 things I wish you never say to yourself:
1.  I wish I had helped others in need, thus exploring empathy and compassion.
2. I wish I had known that happiness was a conscious choice.
3. I wish I had gotten to know them better….and myself.
4. I cannot believe you are gone…I wish I had kept in touch more.
5. I wish  I had known that there was a difference between education and knowledge.
6. I wish I could say that, at some point in my life, I was in love.
7. I wish I had become more in tune with things like integrity, spirituality and intuition.
8. I wish that I realized that HOME is within.
9.  I wish that I had learned that value is not about the contents of my bank account, but rather, the contents of my heart
10. I wish that I had learned how to find the strength to rise up in times of adversity.
11.  I wish could say that I am content with who I am an how I’ve lived my life.
12.  I wish that I had come to terms with ‘I wish’ and DID.
These have been issues I  have faced on the journey of my life….and are now a part of my code.  There is only one that has remained a challenge…and that is okay…when the time is right, I will receive the answer.

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