The Hippie House.

I grew up in Westport, MA…a great place to grew up and build a solid foundation for life.  It is a very real place with very real people. Some people choose to remain there all their lives and some move around and maybe reappear from time to time.  I just realized that a memory, subconsciously, was the motivation for one of the small paintings I am working on, which I will reveal when it is complete. In Westport there are farmer’s, lawyers, professionals, country folk and everything in between…..and at, what we call, Westport Point, there was the Hippie House.  Keep in mind I am thinking of the time of my High School years….circa late 70’s-early 80’s….se we’re talking ‘real deal’ hippies .  At first, no one really knew much except it was The Hippie House, then a few of the Hippies became substitute teacher at my High School……becoming the most popular teachers to ever walk the hallways.  I was a senior and working on a large mural to be used a s a backdrop for graduation. At one point, I was feeling a little stuck on some of the details so I enlisted a very talented Mr. Bill to help…He was one of our beloved Hippies, who would, over the years, become my friend as well as a mentor for that short time.  I lost touch with Bill a very long time ago, but  the delayed memory that was triggered really brought back an awesome memory in so many ways. I salute Mr. Bill and the Hippies that lived in the big colorful house for a while.   memories are everywhere and they will appear when you least expect them. ………..


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