for a reason…..

“Everyone comes into your life for a reason” -unknown.

Think about it…..everyone we cross paths with…..from childhood friends, family, every coworker from every job, the man who helped you get something from the top shelf at the market…..and the woman and her child that you literally walked past on the sidewalk earlier today.  Most of the time we don’t even give this axiom a thought, especially when it is the latter. I was thinking about some of the people of value in my life and how we met so randomly or how we really ‘weren’t supposed to meet’ and forge something so valuable, caring and unconditional.  I have been blessed with these unique individuals as different as they are from one another. Sometimes, whenever I feel the need, I close my eyes and mentally reach for their energy…just for a little while. Another example….years ago, during my separation process….I was out for a walk and encountered an older couple that I knew. It turned out to be by divine appointment…the guidance the man provided to work through this part of life was invaluable. You never know where or with whom you will find this bond, or another.   It may be someone that you only know for a minute or two…or perhaps this random person will turn into  a lifelong friend.


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