mind ya bizness and live ya life!

There’s a tendency to think that others would make the same choices that we would in a similar situation.
There’s also the tendency that someone else is exhibiting the same behavior as we are……ie. projecting.
I am speaking of commonplace circumstances and ordinary decisions that we make ….
To think we have some right of passage that exposes us to the inner workings of the mind of another….
At times there may seem to be a common answer or solution, but why go to that place….as if to say
‘I know you better than you know yourself’.  which is impossible and based on ego.
Why do people project….to feel acceptance…less alone?  Or maybe to excuse a behavior that is morally and
socially inexcusable.  It Is also used to deflect or to feel falsely superior, like when someone takes on the personality
of a critic…..judging others, so sure that everyone else is doing the same.
 The world would be a much better if we put our focus on ourselves and creating a most strong and unique individual instead
of wondering and worrying about what everyone else is doing.

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