friends and ?friends?

There are Friends and there are ?friends?
Do we make that distinction enough?  Do we hold those especially true to us in a special place and declare them FRIENDS… least to ourselves.
Are you honest with yourself when making these declarations or merely keeping false hope alive?
How many times do we see, hear, or feel a vibe that is trying to tell us that we need to remember our code……the one about
what is important….love, loyalty, companionship, and common threads?
Does the friend you have defended many times in adversity, indeed, have your back as well?
Do you friends have enough objectivity to lend an ear and support without being controlling? Are they secure enough within
themselves to be able to hold fast to a code? Should we practice ‘loving from a distance’?
Are friendships all about a number….and how many we have just to say ‘I have SOOOO many friends’ as opposed to ‘I have great friends’ and I am secure in the knowledge that they love me and I can depend on them in every way.
My truth is that I love my friends, and I am sure my number isn’t as large as others, but I know what a friend I am and who I call friend without making a declaration outside myself…my heart.  Instinctually, we need the internal honesty and knowledge…friends let me be who I am….friends can call on me anytime and I will be there for them….friends make there own distinction on me and don’t base anything on the view from others.
You can call them friends, beloveds, family…and even ‘the short list’……you know your list….it’s in how they make you feel, and you needn’t share it with anyone but yourself.

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