until now……………

I can pretty much say that I have never gotten into the political scuttlebutt…opinions…etc.  That being said…..I have always been a registered republican, but have voted all over the spectrum….I vote for people, not parties.

I have people that I call friend from all walks of life and many cultures.  A race or ethnicity does not label or profile anyone as anything but someone that was born somewhere other that where you were born or reside….hence, other culture..  It was offensive to hear a candidate for president make the judgments towards our neighbors or any other race, color or creed. I am sure it is on record or video on the internet somewhere….I won’t post it here.

It was just as offensive to hear the same candidate criticize McCain as anything but a war hero and patriot.  I do support our military as well as I do other steadfast humanitarians……saving lives, defending this country and protecting others in all times of harm, here and abroad.

I choose to love and to learn from all the colors.  No one has to do what I do, but maybe a better word selection or no words at all would apply, especially when it such a huge forum.  Respect and show pride in yourself and others instead of an attempt at a teardown of a culture or individual who fought for you.


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