on Socialization and social media……

Does what you put out ‘there’ really show who you are?  In our personal lives, we connect with family, friends, business associates, and strangers.  Is the vibe you send the send the same with all types of people or are there different versions of you?  Are you an introvert or an extrovert, or somewhere in between?  And then there is the person we show to others and who we say we are….are they the same, or close?

What path do you take on social media…instagram, twitter, facebook, linked in, etc. ?  I don’t post too much personal information or daily events, only once in a while.  I like to share thoughts that, perhaps help people or one of my paintings for others to enjoy.  I also expose charitable causes, to expose their plight in case someone sees it and can assist them.  I come across a lot of inspirational, fun, or interesting stories. People may look…people may like….whether they ‘LIKE’ or not. I hope someone somewhere gets something good and positive from me.

I have never been a fan of  jealousy or one-upping, or drama in the social world.  No time or energy for that.  I have always been comfortable in solitude…as being an artist and writer, pretty much, requires it.  I do like to keep up with friends, old and new, as they are all over the world.  Being understood is fine, but not a requirement.  I know me.  I am true to my code and comfortable in my path and people I meet along the way.  Some of them are similar and some….not so much….but, I love that and learn from everyone….I don’t feel anyone is above anyone or higher on the food chain.  Life is good, sweet and simple….but I AM a Scorpio…..you can play with that.

So, you go and have a beautiful day…and another…and another….an remember be YOU…the real you, the same you.   Be awesome to each other.


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