the calling……

I have always been the same person….from birth until now.  There has been evolving every step of the way….fine tuning, gaining of knowledge about life and what am I supposed to do.  Recent years, travel, meeting those with whom I have shared the same path for a while……all teachers.  From time to time I have gifted friends and family a small piece of my work.  The purposes are to heal, to reflect, to enjoy and to let them know their value to me.  If we are very lucky, at some point in our life, we heard what our calling is supposed to be.  I many cases, it is a reflection of you life already, or maybe your passion…and maybe that was a part of the plan all along.  On my desk is the beginning of a series of paintings meant for healing and happiness.  The subjects are pulled from my memories and more ideas that come into my mind and are, indeed, meant to comfort.  Maybe they will be cards or just meant to be these one of a kind pieces waiting for that special person to come along who needs what one of these gives to them.  So, ask the questions, look for the signs, watch for messages and do whatever it is that you are meant to do.



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