in the beginning……….

Perceptions of others…..our vibe and theirs.  The acceptance that we learn and gain knowledge about the people we meet for as long as we keep contact with them.  In the beginning, hopefully, all we see is positivity.  The things that are endearing about them……well, become things we become critical about.  Sure, if you live by ego.  Why do people think they have someone so pegged and then become disappointed when we see new things about them…not necessarily good or bad things,,,just not what we had convinced ourselves they were all about, maybe things that seemed unfamiliar.  ‘Oh my, they don’t walk my line….I was so sure.’  They are not you and they have a right to be themselves in all sorts of awesome little ways…ways that may be new to you.  Allow different…allow letting go of putting people in some little box with a label.  In the beginning, there was only positivity…did that change or maybe there are assumptions that cloud the fact that it is still a great vibe coming at you.  In the beginning there was love….a general universal kind of love that lives in humanity…..It’s probably still there.


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