our special gift….get well, my friend.

I have worked with Joey for approximately 4 years. We have always shared a love for the Hawaiian Islands. He was recently in a very bad car accident.  HIs neck and spine were fractured, thus making it very possible he will be paralyzed.  I have also heard of other physical and mental concerns.  I pray for him and think what can I do to help.  Many react to news like this, like most of us do, with a somber feeling in our hearts.  My thoughts have moved on to ….when I get the chance to talk to him I would tell him….He CAN move on and live a very beautiful and productive life.  He CAN develop other strengths an tap into his other senses, including intuition….he CAN still gain knowledge in another worthwhile profession…and most of all…he CAN still be a big-hearted man and dig deeper for the strength of the higher power that he chooses, and believe in his new normal, and that’s it’s okay…. even in the wake of this event, there are still endless possibilities.

Joey and I haven’t always gotten along…some ‘kidding’ goes on in the food and beverage industry.  Last January, at the company Holiday party he approached me to say “We are great friends and will be forever”.  It was rewarding to hear that from him.  It was genuine.  All I can think to tell him is that his healing also must include his core, his belief system, his very reason of why he is here and making that discovery.  Joey, you life has changed….return to the very basics of life, breathing, simplicity, love. I believe we all, everyone was born with  some special gift….some people never realize it,,,some don’t find it for years or even decades.  You time is now to realize it, share it with others, and it will sustain you.

I am here for you, Joey.  You are not alone!  xoxo Allison


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