you have your own answers……

I have been giving a lot of thoughts, for some time, on the subjects of……..

Tear downs of other human beings

Judgements whether it be based on appearance or because they just don’t understand another’s persona. Back in the day, and even now, they are referred to as weird, strange, crazy, misfits, loner, psycho……usually none are REALLY applicable…so why don’t we just say they are different from me and I need to accept it , or embrace the difference, and learn from them.

Bullying, whether it be verbal or physical. Neglect or outcasting could also be included.

When I was younger, it was more of the latter in the sense of not always feeling included….I wasn’t super popular, just average. I had  smaller groups of friends…this one..those two….another one or two over there…and so on. I wasn’t a clique person, personally. I have always been comfortable in pockets of solitude. Over the years, the comfort of solitude continued and made me even stronger.

I learned to utilize those times to think , observe, write, paint……they began to serve me, and as a writer, to share them so they may serve you. I have a friend who has the time and ability to help others full-time.  That is a gift , as is he.

I do what I can, in small ways….small donations or art donations for charity auctions. Today, even though I have been doing this for some time, I realized that my help, my gift….is also when I create words or art that moves someone, helps with a problem, comforts them….I, recently, created a small painting for a friend.  His reaction of deep comfort and healing that he got from what I created for him brought me to realize that I do…do things. I do what I am supposed to be doing.

The initial subject of this post is still a problem everywhere.  I just wanted to show how I got past it and utilized how I had been feeling from it, at one time on my life. Sometimes when people do these things to others, sadly it is from their own familiarity.  I still see it, and hear about it. All I can try to say to comfort someone is that everyone is different….some just don’t admit it. The signs of this abuse from another has nothing to do with you.

Be YOU… all your unique self….please just be you….that is why you were created.  You have your own answers. Love.

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