what I wouldn’t give…….

I have the afternoon off and I relax….watching a little TV.  The show depicts a man, about my age, who hadn’t visited his hometown or his Dad in many years.  Apparently there are hard feelings, driving a wedge between them.  The moment they lay eyes on one another, seeing each other for the first time in a long time…a slow process will ensue but grow towards a happy ending, eventually.  I think to myself…..what I wouldn’t give to spend just a few minutes with my Dad again.


2 thoughts on “what I wouldn’t give…….

  1. If he has passed away i can understand.
    I feel the same about my Mother even though i talk to her
    inside my head almost daily and look at her photo on my desk.
    If your Dad is alive take the first step and try to make some contact.
    Good Luck

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