memory day……………….

Take a memory Day……Or at least a couple of hours to reflect on your life.  Especially in times of loneliness or boredom, this can fill the time and your heart with memories from throughout your years.  Don’t wait until the loneliness tracks you down or loved ones are gone.   Do it today. Do it again next year, and the year after,  Make time in your busy schedule to reach out to a few people from your past to laugh about the time……THAT time… know the one.  Is there anyone with whom you need to make amends?  Get that done too.  There was someone that I’d had a falling out with a very long time ago….and I am glad we connected before his passing last year of kidney failure.  Sequentially…..going through the years from as far back as you can remember to the present…OR completely random, haphazard, fly by the seat of your pants…..that works too.  The more years that we have behind us , the more that floods the brain, at first…..slow it down….one memory at a time.  Your first grade teacher, the high school field trip to NYC, every pet you’ve ever had, first date, turning 21 and…..oh .nevermind, breakups, makeups, the birth of your children, bad choices, awesome accomplishments, relocations, Losses…..grandparents, friends, Dad.

Society, technology, and the economy can’t force us into forgetting how it all began and what shaped us a human beings unless we let it…..remember your roots, no matter where it leads.


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