I am working on it.

I can definitely decipher when something us intentional or accidental.  I can forgive something that ‘just happened’ without any deliberation. It’s the understanding of ‘why’ when something is deliberate that I find most difficult.  I struggle with it.  Perhaps a wiser person would advise me to pray or just forgive it anyways, so that I won’t carry it with me.  That is what I would tell someone also.  The intentional act on another by cruelty, neglect, or other harshness…….well, it remains where I have the least grey areas……it’s pretty black and white to me.  I guess my methodology is where I choose to, in some way, walk away…..sometimes completely, and sometimes by placing the offender in a different area of my mind….kind of
an area of almost indifference.  I may still have to deal with them in an area of my life, from time to time, but, they don’t have to consume an energy, a spirit that should be reserved for the special, the worthy, the beloved.  I am human.

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