what am I selling?

As I watch a video on entrepreneurs and network marketing…I ponder what is good for some, what isn’t right for everyone.  I applaud the coaches mentors and teachers of business building.  Those who wish to do the same will accept the mentoring and work towards that goal.  Over the past decades, I have had many many friends and family ask me to join them in the product or service they were working with.  Most of them…EXCELLENT products!  I am probably what you could call a purist….the older, the better or the most authentic, the better.  I would describe myself and a thinker, someone who wants others to feel good, to feel special…because we all are.   One term that makes me cringe is ‘Loser’.  I shudder when I hear anyone referred to as such.  There is potential in anyone.  It takes a different approach sometimes with different individuals, but there Is always hope.  What should people focus on?  What they love. What they know.  I love the arts…painting and writing.  It is how I communicate with others.  It is how I try to make people think, feel, heal and feel comforted.  So my product is what is inside of me and what I can communicate to others.  I am not a sales person…that’s just a fact.  I am not social and talkative to the masses.  I am an old soul.  I paint and write what I feel and appreciate the quiet time and what it provides for me to share with you.  The video is over now and it actually was very informative for the right people….people who are appropriate for that type of work.  I will never be on the fortune 500 list nor will it be likely to purchase the magazine that publishes the list.   I will also never be too busy too pay attention to giving my heart  and time to those who are important to me.

Be who you are.  Don’t force anything…usually things don’t last if you do because of frustration.  The attention span must be intact so we can stay the course.  Think about it THINK.


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