When MeI was a wee baby, I feel completely in love with my grandmother and vowed ‘no one will ever hold a candle to her’….no one ever has.
When I was a wee lass, I wanted to rescue abused and neglected animals and keep them safe….I still do.
When I became a teenager, I wanted to begin to communicate through art…..I continue to work on that and some people say I do.
When I started to start writing, I became more and more silent so as to let those words speak for me.
After becoming a writer, I realized that hearing people talk a lot is very noisy and I was growing a little less tolerant to chattiness when it is small talk or just too loud.
With age…..I have become someone who only engages much personally with people that I feel a true and deeper connection.
I have been referred to as many things….different…..pure or naïve……blunt…..strong …..wise…..and more…..and I am okay with all of that.
I am older, but the same person……but, that’s just me……be true to yourself.

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