cheesecake and other fond food memories and……….

When someone puts a piece of cheesecake in front of you,,,,You EAT it! Diet or no diet, sometimes it’s just a reaction.  When I was young, my family took road trips around New England.  Just north of Boston, in Saugus, MA is an amazing restaurant/deli called Godfried’s.  We always stopped there for cheesecake, so today when I was at my j.o.b. a piece of cheesecake was placed in front of me…….DO NOT THINK….EAT!!!  I blame it on memories.

Oh my, the triggers.  There could be foods and food smells that evoke all kinds of memories…..and there are aphrodisiacs…hmmmmm.  Oysters, Korean BBQ, scallops, or maybe a cocktail…or many cocktails.  I don’t know if I have one, but we all have inspiration that transports us to another place or time.  I LoVE those. ;oD


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