creating vision

from my book “Our Vibe”  -the art of self-evolution

Sometimes my mind wanders….how are others living there lives.  These travels are an exercise in creating vision, like characters in a story; in understanding and compassion and the realities of others.

-The aging classical pianist’s soul flows through his fragile fingers….the result, crisp and beautiful tones comparable to decades earlier.  He worries about the day when he can no longer perform the craft he has perfected, as the years are catching up to him….but, for now, he makes the piano keys dance.

-The fishing captain rises before dawn to greet another day on the water.  His weathered facade covers the boy that still resides within.  To say this man is kind hearted would be an understatement….he has the heart of a lion, and he is a man of the sea.

-The L.A. film producer, halfway through his life, has seen it all.  He, tirelessly, works his craft….it is his familiarity, it is his life. He is careful not to let his heart show….the walls that guard his pain from the years are strong.


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