the kindness of a stranger.

On a very early flight from San Diego to the East Coast two and a half years ago….the trip to see my father for the last time…to honor his last wish to see his daughter again, one more time. I was in the middle seat between a very nice older woman and a slightly balding man about my age. The woman read a book and the man slept with his hoodie bunched up against the window…and I felt my head bobbing from left to right, as I had no place to rest it. After a couple of hours, the man lightly tapped the back of my hand and indicated that I could rest my head on his shoulder, using his sweatshirt for a pillow if I wanted. I did, as I really was tired. A change of planes in Philly would be the end of the encounter.I thanked himfor his kindness and headed off to continue on to Providence. The man had no idea of the nature of my travels, yet his kindess is still remembered today. It was a simple and kind gesture. Look for them. We DO live among angels.


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