old and new.

After spending hours over my weekend, which are weekdays, I decided to tune in to HGTV…a home reno show, and pick up a recent purchase, a book on Taoism, and give it a look. I feel ,my future leans towards the simple, pure and beautiful…..for me interprets into the Eastern beliefs, such as Tao, Buddhism and Hindu, but I respect all spiritual beliefs and those who study them.

As I opened the book, the show on TV depicted a woman becoming, well….overcome with emotion as the plans unfold to makeover her grandmothers old-style home into something more contemporary. Memories are everywhere. Suddenly, my head went back decades to my grandmother’s old New England home on Main Road. My sister, cousin, and I would spend countless visits exploring her property and the delapidated shed out back, after all…..We had the absolute BEST grandmother in the WORLD.

My childhood friend Mark sent me a picture of himself and the painting I sent him of a beetle cat sailboat race….he sits near a beetle cat. CHEERS to old friends and great memories.

Mark and painting


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